Fit Protein by Red Seal + WIN

IMG_2894.JPGProtein is an essential for your body to build and repair tissue, while also making enzymes, hormones and other essential chemicals! In the past year I’ve jumped on the protein powder bandwagon and I didn’t know why I didn’t try it out sooner! Protein isn’t stored by the body so it’s important you get enough each day! I was lucky enough to try out Red Seal’s Fit Protein in Chocolate and Vanilla!! Keep reading to find out what I thought, and also how you could WIN your own!!

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‘My Beauty’ Subscription Box!

My Beauty is New Zealand’s newest and coolest monthly subscription Beauty Box!! Every month you receive an exciting package containing 5 full sized beauty products for just $25!! With My Beauty you don’t have to subscribe if you’re just wanting a nice surprise as a once off which is awesome! Keep reading to see what I received in my March beauty box!

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My Fave Dermalogica Products!

Skincare has always been important to me and I’m especially wary about the products I use on my face. Dermalogica is one of my very favourite skincare brands and they have been around for over 25 years so they really know their stuff when it comes to the science behind amazing skincare!! Keep reading to find out about a few of my favourite Dermalogia products!

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Numbers 2017 made from Zinnias flowers

Alright, this maaaay be a month late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s 2017! Where the heck did 2016 go?! This year one of my goals is to be more active on my blog and have loads more new & exciting content for you!! Make this year one of your best and live everyday like it’s your last! <333



I have an absolute weakness for designer clothes. The quality, the uniqueness, the style, buuut not so much that sad looking price tag!!

That’s where Designer Hire comes in! Developed in 2013 by Lucy Clarke, Designer Hire is an innovative business which allows people to hire out gorgeous designer pieces for Continue reading